Strong, active local unions joined together make AFSCME Ohio Council 8 a powerful force for working families. Council 8 is the leading union f

Find out more about the jobs we do>>or public and non-profit workers in our state with more than 41,000 members in more than 300 local unions representing city, county, hospital, and university employees along with boards of education, non-profit workers, and other public service employees.

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Dayton AFSCME Members Celebrate by Voting

Outside the Montgomery County Board of Elections voting rights supporters gathered to demand greater voter rights.

Important Information for AFSCME Child Care Providers

ODJFS processing error causes extra October  dues deduction. 

U.S. Supreme Court Cuts Ohio’s Voting Days

Secretary of State cuts voting days and reduces critical voting hours. 

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Ohio Early Vote Starts October 7

Election Day November 4