AFSCME Defends “Vote NO on Issue 2" during debate.

“No Vote” strongly defended during Canton debate.

From Wisconsin to Wall Street

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Parking utility employee Tim Birkley, a member of AFSCME Local 60 (Council 40), recently traveled to New York City from his hometown of Madison, Wis., to expl

Romney Was for Issue 2 Before He Was Against Saying He Was

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Ed Schultz Moves to 8 P.M. ET

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Ed Schultz has been a champion of America’s working- and middle-class for years, both on his nationally-syndicated radio program and his nightly show on MSNBC.

CNBC Puts a Spotlight on For-Profit Prison Firm

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There’s a good reason they call the Idaho Correctional Center – the state’s only privately operated prison – the Gladiator School.

Sen. Sherrod Brown Visits Cincinnati Walkers and Talkers

Activists participating in neighborhood walks encouraged by U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown

Data on Income Gains Supports Occupy Wall Street’s 99 Percent Protest

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The Four Things You Should Know About Mitt Romney’s Workers’ Rights Record

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Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is getting lots of press coverage these days.

Judge Blocks Michigan Veterans Home Privatization Scheme

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A judge’s ruling last week blocking the privatizatio

Former Arkansas Gov. Huckabee’s Voter Suppression Remark is No Joke

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